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  1. Nova

    Epoxy Resin Terrarium

    If you like making the terrarium out of the existing bottles then you may find making the terrarium from the epoxy resin would be something worth trying out. So here's one such project that you can try out.
  2. Nova

    Small Aquarium using Epoxy Raisin

    I found out pretty interesting epoxy raisin project. I know a lot of those who are into wood and the raisin may find making the aquarium and the similar designs pretty easily. Check out the project here.
  3. Nova

    Jelly Soap

    I wanted to check out something different with the soap making. And found out the idea of the jelly soap concept. It seems like a good method to make something in short time. Have you tried something like this?
  4. Nova

    Coconut Oil Soap

    There are lot of searches on Etsy for those who want the coconut oil soaps. If you are into soap making this is something you may want to do. I found one of the video showcasing the video that shows the same.
  5. Nova

    Floating Shelves

    For those who like minimalism and want to save some space on the wall and in general in the room. You may find the floating shelves handy for keeping some of your stuff. You may also want to try out variations if you want to keep the books or other regular use items...
  6. Nova

    Paper crafts for Wall Decoration

    A lot of Chinese and the jaapnesse culture have the paper craft on the wall or the decor partitions decorated with paper craft. So I was looking at the youtube for some of the designs of the same. I came across some of these.
  7. Nova

    Mason Jar Fairy Lantern

    Mason jar DIYs are fun to make especially if you want to do something like lantern. So this design I came across youtube on how to make the fairy lantern using the mason jar. Looks pretty good to me.
  8. Nova

    Marble Soap

    I am sure many of you would love the design and the smell of the marble soap. I kind of loved one tutorial on how they prepared the marble soap. The process was simple and something you can do if you are already into this. Pretty neat tutorial.
  9. Nova

    Photo Candles

    I don't know if the candles with pictures are in the demand. And another thing is that such candles can be fun especially if you make the seasonal art on them. And they can sell well on the etsy shops too. Have you tried out photo candles at home...
  10. Nova

    Pocket Bags

    There are some interesting pocket bag designs that you can see on the pinterest. I am pretty much sure that etsy shops are into selling these type as well. Have any one of you have tried those sort of designs?
  11. Nova

    Bottle Craft

    I kind of loved how some of the folks are making some really good bottle craft these days. They can be pretty good to put on patio or some outdoor places too. Are you into bottle crafts?
  12. Nova

    Wooden Wall Cabinet

    If you have limited space on the wall but you want to make the most out of such places in such case the wooden wall cabinet can be a good idea. You should definitely take a look at the wooden wall cabinets designs on pinterest and youtube. A lot of them are easy to make over weekend...
  13. Nova

    Cardboard Paper Recycle

    I think a lot of people make use of the typical newspaper and the paper with white regions. But the cardboard papers are not often used much. So I was wondering if there is a way for recycling those. So following video gives me some ideas.
  14. Nova

    Hydroponics Home Decor

    There seems to be increase in the demand of the hydroponics lately. A lot of people who can't have the garden outside are making use of this sort of the design. So for the people who want designs like this they can definitely do it at home. I found a lot of pinterest pins and the youtube on...
  15. Nova

    Selling Stamps on Ebay

    A lot of people sell the genuine stamps in ebay. And there can be a good amount of income that one can get using that. I am sure that many people who have made money from something old they can sell it on ebay. How many of you have managed to sell stamps on ebay?
  16. Nova

    Wooden Toys with Minimum Effort

    I have been thinking about the wooden toys and the craft items to make during the summer. And I am not sure what are some of those items that can be made using it. So considering that part, I want to minimize the effort too. I know making in less cost can be necessary some times. What are some...
  17. Nova

    Lye based Soap

    A lot of soap makers avoid some of the chemicals that goes to make the soap. There are some who make use of the herbal extracts but that is all that can be used. So the lye based soap is something a lot of people want to use as it is popular for the soap. But it is not good for the skin health...
  18. Nova

    Aquarium using Acrylic

    I think making aquarium project out of the acrylic can be pretty interesting summer project. I was checking it out for various designs with the light in it. I found some really cool though it is kind of expensive. So I had to keep myself from proceeding. Have you checked out acrylic based...
  19. Nova


    I know it sounds a lot difficult if you attempt to make pergola in backyard or even for the clients. I think if you have enough time and space this can become a good project. I am however kind of skeptical on the time and money side. But apart from that I think this can be a good summer project...
  20. Nova

    Paper Bag

    I have seen a lot of people making use of the paper bag and some of them are also selling it in the open market. It seems like there is increase in the amount of people making use of the paper bags as there is less demand for the plastic. Have you considered making paper bags for business?