Business Plan


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Do you have a business plan, or are you yet to create one? At which stage are you at so far? What do you think the importance of developing one is? Let's talk five years from now, where do you see your crafting company?
I don't have a plan but I just wanted to share that I think a business plan can be vital if you are looking to create a serious business for your crafts. It can help you stay focused on what you want to achieve and help plan how to finance your business. It can help you plan for different difficult scenarios as well which can be the difference between a successful and failing business.
I will always recommend having a business plan. Just doing stuff without long-term plans and ieads never end very well. It's always best to be prepared.
I like to call myself an online entreprenuer. I have a couple of online businesses, I sell from my own store as well as third party store.
To be honest with you, I don't have a business plan and I believe that has been the biggest challenge affecting my business growth. I am planning on setting one up as soon as I could.
I've been running a crafting company for a few years, and having a well-thought-out business plan has been essential for my journey. When I started, my plan included a clear mission statement, a detailed description of my crafting products, a target audience analysis, and financial projections. It served as a roadmap for my business.

In terms of where I see my crafting company in five years, my business plan has been the foundation for those long-term aspirations. It outlines my growth strategies, marketing plans, and how to adapt to changes in the market. I envision my company expanding its product range, reaching a broader audience through e-commerce, and collaborating with local artisans.

As for staying competitive in today's digital world, the AdSpy library is a valuable tool. It provides insights into my competitors' advertising strategies, which is crucial in the crafting industry. Understanding what's working for others allows me to fine-tune my marketing efforts and stay ahead.