Leaf Rubbing

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Leaf rubbing is a long time craft that has generally been saved for kids to do but it can be relaxing for adults and you want to do it while the leaves are still green on the trees. The fresh, green leaves will hold up to the pressure of the rubbing from your material and you won't have a mess of broken leaf pieces when you're finished.

Try using Oil Pastels for some vivid colors that can be blended better than crayons. Tape your leaf to the table first and put your paper over it, taping that too so it doesn't slide. Think fall colors such as yellows, oranges and reds. Stay away from colors that will make it muddy such as blacks and browns.

What can you do with the rubbed leaves? You can cut them out and use them as placeholders at your Thanksgiving table. Or cut out and stick a magnet on the back for your refrigerator.
I remember doing this as a kid! This would be a good project to help kids get off technology & into nature. Finding that 'perfect' leaf can do wonders for their self-esteem & self-worth. Not to mention the exercise & Breathing fresh air.