Valentine's Day Decorations?

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Most Valentine's Day decorations for homes I've seen have been children's cut out hearts or wreaths. I don't see too many other varieties for this holiday. What unique Valentine's Day crafts have you made or seen?
I'm planning on making my S/O a custom card that pops out, it's not much but it's all I know how to do. If anyone has any other suggestions and ideas I'd also love to hear them as well :)
Maybe during the next Valentine's day, I will put up something unique and special for my love. She deserves everything good for being a part of my life.
We don't celebrate valentine's day here, therefore, we don't do any house decoration. However, in the last few years, it has been a custom for us to dine outside during Valentine's Day. Candles and other electric lights play a huge role in house decotation. Soft toys and soft colors, for instance, sofa covers, curtains, etc, can also change your mood.
I don't really do much in terms of Valentines day and decorations but I have seen people who make some to go in windows such as buntin and even little stencil decorations that they add things like glitter or other craft materials.
I don't decorate much either. We don't go out on the holidays; way too crowded as everybody else has that same idea lol If I did decorate, I'd go for more natural themes. Making items that could be used year after year.