Button Bouquet Embroidery

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Button Bouquet Embroidery

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I have a huge bin of old buttons that I got after my mom passed away and didn't know what to do with them and then I found some projects on Pinterest that looked really cute so I thought I'd give it a try! This is NOT a finished piece, but here is what I've got so far:


Some tips if you're going to try this:
1. Get your frame ready first so you know what size to make your project and take measurements of the opening
2. Find the fabric you wish to use (I used cross stitch fabric) and iron it with starch (I did not use a hoop while working on the project)
3. Choose your buttons! Look at other samples to see how they were arranged and then place the buttons on your fabric so you get an idea of where you'd like them to be stitched.
4. Take a photo with your phone of the button placement so you can refer back to it later
5. Take a pencil and make small marks where the buttons should go
6. Start with the bottom button and loosely stitch it into place (so you can move it out of the way and get to the stitches underneath)
7. I worked from the bottom up and found that easiest to do. For the very bottom buttons I began with the tail, stitching underneath the button and then working upward. Sometimes I made the leaves on the spot and other times I would go back and do the leaves later
8. The buttons at the top are easier to start with and working the way down the stem toward the bottom button and then leaving the tail.
9. Use different strands of embroidery floss for the stems and leaves (some of the bottom ones I made 3 strands and the taller ones I made 2 strands) as well as different colors of greens.
10. Use beads to help add bling to the piece but not all beads have a large enough opening for the needle but wet your floss and guide it through and it will work for even really small beads
11. Use self-stick mounting board and no glass when framing the piece because glass will cause the floss to rot

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