Gift box

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Gift box

Post: # 190Post alf1107 »

Hello peps,
today I am sharing here a gift box I already published long time ago on my blog.


I got ask for teh dimensions... To be honest I do not know the height. The template for the box you will find here!

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Re: Gift box

Post: # 192Post KMO Studio »

Oh, that's great that you have the template on your site! I need to print it out once I get a new ink cartridge and see how it works out. I think I have some decorative paper somewhere in the house still that I can use to test. Christmas wrapping paper would be cool too!

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Re: Gift box

Post: # 540Post ZandraJoi »

I'm for double gifts. The package is the first one then you can put little objects inside as well. This design can be adapted to any holiday, event, etc. Can customize it to have i.e. a newborn's name on.

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Re: Gift box

Post: # 707Post marteebee »

I always love reusing boxes I get throughout the year to 're-gift' later down the line. Mainly shoe boxes as I have a bit of a problem ordering shoes! I always get a small kick out of sitting down, covering it up and putting my own stamp on it. I like to think it means I've done my small part to be a bit more green but also that the receiver see's there is some personal effort put into this one! After the pandemic I've got a ton of boxes waiting for the treatment downstairs, it'll be a boxy Christmas this year!

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