Where do you get your ideas?

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Where do you get your ideas?

Post: # 1604Post ZandraJoi »

I thought of all the ideas people come up with. So, got me wondering, did you ever come up with a unique idea? If so, what was it about? What was your inspiration?
I make lotion balms & lipglosses. I had given a few away & people liked them so that was my inspiration lol While it wasn’t a unique idea, it always made me feel good when people enjoyed the products.

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Re: Where do you get your ideas?

Post: # 2051Post SpookyZalost »

My Bandolier is a big one. It was the answer to a problem I had with keeping tools and materials organized and within easy reach when working on stuff. More often than not most of my ideas come this way. They're usually in response to some problem I've encountered or thought up some better way to do things like upgrading the jeep from a single mechanical fan coupled with an electric to three electric fans. It improved gas mileage and was less of a hassle than fixing the mechanical one after an accident.

But I'm still fairly new as a crafter/tinkerer.
Awesome Site's I'm a part of.
Spooky's General guide to wires and cables.

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Re: Where do you get your ideas?

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I haven't come up with any completely original ideas. I do come up with ways of changing someone else's idea to make it my own.

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